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Functional illiteracy is reading and writing skills that are inadequate "to manage daily living and A person is functionally illiterate who cannot engage in all those activities in which literacy is required for Over 60% of adults in the US prison system read at or below the fourth grade level; 85% of US juvenile inmates are.

Millions of British adults are functionally illiterate but the subject is ignored because it is not a “fashionable” cause, according to the most.

In a few of our blog posts we've mentioned the statistic that 32 million (1 in 7) adults in the U.S. are considered “functionally illiterate.” There.

This is also known as being functionally illiterate. Many adults are reluctant to admit to their literacy difficulties and ask for help. One of the most important.

Some 25 per cent of Irish adults are functionally illiterate and approximately another 20 per cent can perform only simple reading.