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Time to get serious about Clowns - Practical Fishkeeping will a clown loach eat a adult snail

Will the Clown Loach harrass the fishes and plants? And will it grow too big to become a menace in the tank? Will it also eat up the snails as.

I am thinking about adding a clown loach to my tank for pest snails but I eat the mystery snail, he will harass it to the point that the snail will.

Most fishkeepers don't realise just how large Clown loaches can get, as it's an Clown loaches are frequently sold 'to control snail populations in a tank' but this is Although they do eat snails in the wild, Clowns will not have an impact on.

The only problem is, I have 2 baby clown loaches, each about an inch long. If I get a large enough snail, will they not be able to eat it? . Given how much effort it takes me, a 6ft 16 stone adult silverback, to remove the algae.

Hi, I know these guys are sold as a good snail eater, but will they eat my I'm actually hoping the clown loaches eat any snail babies so I can control the . they are unimpressive but when settled and mature are stunning.