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Hate The Police, of Mudhoney's LP: Live Mud! What a fucking Great Cover!.

25 years ago today- #Mudhoney performing "Suck You Dry" & "Hate The Police" at the Reading Festival

Punk is rife with "fuck the police" anthems, but "Dicks Hate the Police" I still only know this from the Mudhoney cover because I listened to that.

"Touch Me I'm Sick" is a song by the American alternative rock band Mudhoney. According to Creswell, "In declaring 'Well, I'm diseased and I don't mind' and changing the final refrain to 'Fuck Me, I'm Sick!' the speaker declares himself to be .

And then, the most confusing come-on ever: “Fuck Me, I'm sick!” Mudhoney, an entirely new entity assembled from the surliest members of.