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I have this white rectangle on bottom right corner of the screen just above the taskbar, about 0,5x1cm sized and it is there always. Only when shutting down and few seconds after opening its away. I have windows

Today I noticed that, because I clicked on something, a white empty Bottom right of taskbar there is no such icon "Address" in my system tray.

Lots of threads talk about this issue (artention.info?q=white+bar+ Switch PC screen: Win + P > PC screen only > Extend or Duplicate; Right.

For the past few months I have frequently found a solid white rectangle that sits above the task bar in the lower right corner of my screen. I can't.

The taskbar along the bottom of Windows 10 is unassuming, but there's . Those four little squares in the bottom-left of the screen are the .. The icon will turn white when a new notification comes in, such as via email.