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Britney Spears' "Womanizer" Video: Costume Changes And Sauna Time (VIDEO) | HuffPost brittney spears naked in womanizer

She has dressed as a school girl, kissed members of the same sex, had simulated sex and even draped herself with an orange snake – in all.

Pop babe Britney Spears is the ultimate womanizer in her music video for (you guessed it!) Womanizer. You go, girl!.

Britney Spears stars as four separate women seducing the same guy in the video for “Womanizer,” which first aired last night on 20/ She's a.

We have the version ABC wouldn't show on '20/'.

Britney Spears' has released the video for her new song Womanizer. interspersed with shots of the Spears naked and writhing in a sauna.