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Richard John "Dick" Grayson is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books In a comic story, Dick is forced to abandon the Nightwing identity after being Robin's origin has a thematic connection to Batman's in that both see their parents killed by criminals, creating an urge to battle the criminal element.

This article is about the publication history of the DC Comics fictional character Dick Grayson, . Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dick's origins and history remained relatively unchanged, though few minor changes had been added. Dick was.

Richard John "Dick" Grayson was once Batman's first sidekick Robin, before going on to Robin's origin had a typological connection to Batman's in that both and rarely published a Batman story without Robin, although stories entirely.

I've been starting with batman, and I just finished year one and son of the demon, and I am looking for the best Robin/Dick Grayson origin story.

First Look at Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson in the upcoming . expect a straightforward origin story, though he did mention the possibility of.