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Real World/Road Rules Challenger Tina Barta! . duckyxdale: A reader asks: You've seen a good amount of the RR/RW men naked, right?.

have to deal with everything from learning their lines to handling a "nude" scene. Director: Jeff Fisher | Stars: Ruthie Alcaide, Tina Barta, Tonya Cooley, Brad.

Tonya Cooley is a former cast member on MTV's reality television series, The Real World: Additionally, she refused to participate in a challenge that involved nudity, contrasting her actions in later Veronica Portillo, Rachel Robinson, and Tina Barta began to harass Tonya, who referred to the three as the "Mean Girls.

Tina Barta, RR: South Pacific, Runner-Up. Tonya Cooley . Abram, CT, Derrick, Rachel, Tina, Tonya and Veronica were the final Bad Asses remaining. The Good Guys . Jodi jumped in the pool nude after losing a bet to Mike. After losing a.

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