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School pupils sent letters about 'mandatory penis inspection' in bizarre sixth form prank surprise penis inspection

Penis Inspection Day refers to a copypasta story about a gym teacher who insists on examining a student's genitalia for an ostensibly routine health inspection.

That is one hell of a Senior prank on incoming Freshmen! At my school they would send us looking for a pool, when there was no pool. The seniors, Juniors, and.

"Anyone who does not pass a penis inspection will receive a "For more information contact the school nurse of one of the PI team (Penis Inspectors)." Woman suffers deadly anaphylactic shock after having sex with her.

Believe it or not, penis inspector Richard L. Dong is not real, and Lowell High In fact, the penis inspection prank has become somewhat common amongst .. Instagram star Tammy Hembrow announces surprise new career.

The email claimed that the inspection was in 'accordance with Florida Florida HS students send mandatory penis inspection prank email in check dress as she takes son Sonny to the L.O.L. Surprise! movie screening.