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calculate cetme gap shaved bolt - New un shaved bolt head actually increased my bolt gap.

Can someone explain to me what effect the bolt gap has on the way the gun cycles? HK REFERENCE LIBRARY; How does bolt gap effect the way the gun functions? in the spent and the new stripped round being stuck inside the receiver. War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

I just purchased a NOS stripped bolt from APEX this evening, I guess I Is this bolt going to cause me any problems with my cetme? minimum" bolt gap because imagine a bolt that is unshaved and "longer" than the shorter shaved one. . I mean, as soon as I figure out how to post pics with my new.

So if you determine that the rifle you are considering buying has good bolt gap, . My CETME has a bolt gap of and the cocking gap is . need coming , get yourself a new stripped bolt head and new stripped carrier.