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Punkbuster ditches Valve - artention.info punkbuster suck

yeah so have gotten this punkbuster Kick/bann problem in some time and just been playin on punkbuster off servers but im getting sick of it and.

I GET THIS ERROR EVERY *removed* TIMEEEEEEEEE what solusitionnnn, i was update PUNKBUSTER THE LASTEST VERSION!!!!!!!!.

why is it that i always fond myself having trouble with this utility constantly! " Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated.

Anyone else struggling to play due to getting "punkbusted"? Yeah you sure showed me, since im known to be quite the little cheating punk, The.

Enter a round of heist and surprise, 2 players were invisible, I thought it was because my game had not loaded fine, but no, they were literally.