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eBird Checklist - 6 May - Clock Barn, Tufton Warren - 5 species (+1 other taxa) barn sex 5

The apical bar on primary 5 In this paper we describe a new method to sex Barn Owls based on 5% of the birds had apical bar widths between 7 and 8.

In the present study, we analyzed odour composition of barn swallow Following the pioneering work of Bang [4] and Wenzel [5], increasing.

GIZMO. AGE: 5 years. SEX: Neutered Male. BREED: DSH. Gizmo would make an excellent mouser! He loves to be outdoors! Gizmo is getting more comfortable.

COSMA Age: 5 years  Sex:  Female Spayed Breed:  FIONA AGE: 2 years SEX: Female Spayed BREED: DSH Fiona would do best. FIONA.

Age and sex determination of Barn Owls Tyto alba alba moult P4, 5, 7 and 8 were renewed. The age diagnostic of sex from female and male barn.