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Why You're Farting During Sex - Health flatulence during sex

Farting during sex is a common unfortunate issue that affects women. Doctors explain what causes sex farts, which are different from queefs.

You might feel embarrassed for farting during sex, but it's completely normal. In fact, it happens to many people, both men and women.

Is it normal to fart during sex? My darling girl, it's an act celebrated by James Joyce in language so sexual I can't even print the entire quote;.

No one enjoys a fart during sex.* *Okay, some people do. But it's quite a niche fetish. It's embarrassing, it breaks the moment and depending on.

Is it normal to queef during sex? While they sound uncannily like a fart, queefs aren't that at all. Your smelliest smelly farts are the result of.