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The Boston Mooninite panic occurred on Wednesday, January 31, , after the Boston . Others compared the displays to the Lite-Brite electric toy in appearance. . According to Fox News, fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force mocked Boston officials during the press conference of Berdovsky and Stevens, calling the.

It's now a matter of court record: Boston prosecutors claimed that Lite Brite-style LED boards used to adcvertise Aqua Teen Hunger Force are "bomblike" and a threat to national security, and described the damage they would have caused if they were actually bombs. Peter Berdovsky.

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But if you don't want to shell out that kind of money, make a mooninite out of Lite Brite! Boing Boing pointed out that someone has made "Aqua.

Yesterday a marketing campaign for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" caused a massive panic in Boston, when.